Robotic Aquaman and bricks as power banks – IMPRESSO #32

In this edition: robotic Aquaman, bricks as power banks, and keepin’ it cool… without A/C!

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The Renaissance of Profitability

Until a few months ago, it seemed like no one cared about profitability as long as a company was growing. But growth is not just cool and profitability is not optional. Profits are the key to any viable growth strategy.

by in July 30, 2020

Speaking gloves and e-waste for metal coatings – IMPRESSO #31

In this edition: Speaking gloves, science fiction in the OR, and transforming e-waste into superior metal coatings.

by in July 29, 2020

See you later, procrastinator!

If you belong to the rare species that never procrastinates, I have two things to tell you: first, I admire you. And second, you probably don’t need to read this post … unless of course, you’re really curious 😉

by in July 16, 2020

Magic bones and soap bubble pollination – IMPRESSO #30

In this edition: magic bones, soap bubbles used for pollination, and flying snakes.

by in July 16, 2020

Machiavelli or bad hair day?

If you think everyone is out to get you and treat them accordingly, maybe you should think again. Because there are three good reasons to always assume positive intent: fairness, math, and love. 

by in July 2, 2020

Einstein-inspired bees and sweaty smartwatches – IMPRESSO #29

In this edition: sweaty smartwatches, Einstein-inspired bees, and how to turn into a “numbers-person”.

by in July 2, 2020

Vampires & Power Rangers

Negative people leave us feeling de-energized and trigger our so-called ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. Let’s get rid of these vampires with what they hate most: Power Rangers, aka positive people!

by in June 18, 2020

Confetti brains and fat-burning mice – IMPRESSO #28

In this edition: confetti brains, AI that reads your opinion, and mice on a fat burning trip – IMPRESSO #28

by in June 18, 2020

Show up. Stand up. Speak up.

I usually write about things I know a thing or two about. This blog is different. This blog is personal. This blog is about a wake-up call from a friend that made me realize: the only way to fight racism is to show up, stand up, and speak up.

by in June 4, 2020

Corals making their own sunscreen and metal hunting bacteria – IMPRESSO #27

In this episode: corals making their own sunscreen, harnessing the dark side for electricity, and bacteria hunting for metal.

by in June 4, 2020

Agile Bullshit Bingo

Agile decision-making is no longer a fashionable buzzword, but a necessity. Let’s remove it from our bullshit bingo cards and use its principles to mitigate our biases and promote better decisions

by in May 20, 2020

Raincoats for viruses and drones as forest rangers – IMPRESSO #26

In this episode: Raincoat for viruses, drones as new forest rangers, and photonic chips that rock!

by in May 20, 2020

Our Monsters, Inc. Moment

Living with the threat of a global pandemic is challenging on so many levels. But what if the change of perspective is an opportunity too? This could be our Monsters, Inc. moment!

by in May 7, 2020

Heroic lamas and bionic arms – IMPRESSO #25

In this edition: lamas as heroes, bionic arms with touch sensation, and a photodegradable plastic that disappears in a realistic time scale

by in May 4, 2020