Show up. Stand up. Speak up.

I usually write about things I know a thing or two about. This blog is different. This blog is personal. This blog is about a wake-up call from a friend that made me realize: the only way to fight racism is to show up, stand up, and speak up.

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Agile Bullshit Bingo

Agile decision-making is no longer a fashionable buzzword, but a necessity. Let’s remove it from our bullshit bingo cards and use its principles to mitigate our biases and promote better decisions

by in May 20, 2020

Our Monsters, Inc. Moment

Living with the threat of a global pandemic is challenging on so many levels. But what if the change of perspective is an opportunity too? This could be our Monsters, Inc. moment!

by in May 7, 2020

Distributed leadership – if not now, when?

Effective leadership is distributed leadership. We need sensemakers, relaters, visionaries, and inventors. And we need them all working together.

by in April 23, 2020

Series 2. Episode 1. A fresh start in unprecedented times.

After an extended break, I’m now freshly enthusiastic about sharing insights and ideas that inspire me. I hope you’ll join me on this journey; one of the few journeys we can make right now without needing to leave the room!

by in April 9, 2020

Social Entrepreneurs are today’s Alchemists

It was fantastic to host changemakers from all over Europe at our home. The best way I can think of describing that contagious and inspirational vibe comes from my daughter. She describes this kind of energy as ”waking up in the morning wanting to light up the world, not just the room next door”.

by in November 14, 2018

Colombia. Don’t trust Netflix

What’s your first association when being asked about the country Colombia? Chances are your answer will include crime and drugs. You might even consider it a potentially dangerous country to visit. Let me prove you wrong!

by in October 24, 2018

Armageddon or Golden Age?

Technological progress has many benefits. It does amazing things for us on an individual level and humanity as a whole. But there often is a flip side. Simply calling it unintended consequences doesn’t cut it (anymore).

by in October 3, 2018

Show me the money!

Investors inherently ask you to “show them the money!”. They want to see evidence that your business is valuable. You should ask that same question too.

by in September 26, 2018

Solving the Value Equation

Startups sometimes fail for the same reason as large corporations succeed – their focus on a preconceived business model. But before you can exploit a business model, you need to make sure you’ve got it right.

by in September 19, 2018

Execution is your success multiplier

Success is more than potential. It is the execution of that potential that makes all the difference. Laser-focusing on what matters, on continuous learning and a balanced sense of urgency are the key elements of excellence in execution.

by in September 12, 2018

The A-Team DNA

When you start to think big, you should get the best and brightest talents out there. It’s time to get yourself the A-Team.

by in August 29, 2018

Leaders can’t get Superman’s job – nor should they try!

It is a myth that good leaders are superhuman. If anything, the advantage they have over others is that they know their own limitations.

by in August 21, 2018

Context matters … a lot!

No matter how good you think your idea is, it will only succeed in the right context: the right time, the right place and within the right eco-system.

by in August 14, 2018

In love with your idea? Get over it.

Your idea is the first in a series of ingredients that make a business successful. It is an opportunity that has yet to be realized. In other words: it’s a starting point.

by in August 8, 2018