Sunny changemaker and heating up our waste – IMPRESSO #42

In this IMPRESSO edition: Sunny changemaker to solve a global problem , a sweet revolution, and heating up our waste.

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A fortunate accident with fighting power and the peacock copycat – IMPRESSO #41

In this IMPRESSO edition: A fortunate accident with fighting power, sugarcanes turning into energycanes and introducing the peacock copycat.

by in July 7, 2021

DNA-Dropbox and game-changing UV light – IMPRESSO #40

In this IMPRESSO edition: Introducing the DNA-Dropbox, e-waste-free microbes, and truly game-changing UV light.

by in June 16, 2021

AI-driven trees and revolutionising fluorescent lights – IMPRESSO #39

In this IMPRESSO: AI-driven trees, revolutionising fluorescent lights, and how to get to “I know how you feel”.

by in June 2, 2021

Body-hacking ultrasound and how to be your own charging station – IMPRESSO #38

In this IMPRESSO edition: Body-hacking ultrasound, how to be your own charging station, and filtering brains.

by in May 19, 2021

Water-saving sunlight and snowflake-paint 2.0 – IMPRESSO #37

In this IMPRESSO edition: Solving global crises with water-saving sunlight and snowflake-paint 2.0, and some mighty seconds for Houston.

by in April 29, 2021

Robotic dragonflies, plastic beer, and space jellyfish – IMPRESSO #36

In this IMPRESSO: Robotic dragonflies go for a swim, let’s eat plastic beer today, and meet some spooky space jellyfish.

by in April 8, 2021

Robots with superpowers and 3D printed brain tissue – IMPRESSO #35

In this IMPRESSO: Robots with superpowers, 3d-printed walking brains and life on Mars 2.0

by in March 3, 2021

Dust-busting on the Moon and a paper-based tablet – IMPRESSO #34

In this impresso: dust-busting on the Moon, paper-based tablets, and artificial skin mimicking our body’s sensory skills.

by in September 9, 2020

Print yourself a house and self-healing polymers – IMPRESSO #33

In this IMPRESSO: print yourself a house, a selfie a day keeps the doctor away, and self-healing polymers.

by in August 25, 2020

Robotic Aquaman and bricks as power banks – IMPRESSO #32

In this edition: robotic Aquaman, bricks as power banks, and keepin’ it cool… without A/C!

by in August 13, 2020

Speaking gloves and e-waste for metal coatings – IMPRESSO #31

In this edition: Speaking gloves, science fiction in the OR, and transforming e-waste into superior metal coatings.

by in July 29, 2020

Magic bones and soap bubble pollination – IMPRESSO #30

In this edition: magic bones, soap bubbles used for pollination, and flying snakes.

by in July 16, 2020

Einstein-inspired bees and sweaty smartwatches – IMPRESSO #29

In this edition: sweaty smartwatches, Einstein-inspired bees, and how to turn into a “numbers-person”.

by in July 2, 2020

Confetti brains and fat-burning mice – IMPRESSO #28

In this edition: confetti brains, AI that reads your opinion, and mice on a fat burning trip – IMPRESSO #28

by in June 18, 2020