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„Working with Alon means engulfing yourself in a constant stream of surprising, forward-thinking insights and inspirational ideas. He embodies the qualities of system thinking entrepreneurs who genuinely want to give back like few others.“
Marie Ringler, Ashoka Europe Leader
„Since the first moment we’ve met Alon Shklarek years ago, he has been a guiding mentor and inspiring initiator. His keen perception, thoughtful nature and directness not just helps us focus on the right things, but rather puts our social business forward as whole - doing things right.“
Bernhard Hofer, TalentifyBernhard Hofer, CEO and Founder
„It is a pleasure to work with Alon. He is an excellent leader; he challenges and at the same time supports me. He truly understands the impact on different stakeholders without forgetting the P&L.“
Clemens J. Stockreiter, CEO
„Alon is a true visionary with his feet on the ground. He will focus on the best possible outcome, challenge your imagination of how this scenario could look like and then support you getting there. What I enjoy most in working with him is the spirit of pulling your sleeves up together to create something of value and meaning rather than maximizing profit in the very short term.“
Alexander Reissner, CEO and Founder
„Alon does not know the answer to everything. But he always knows how to put the right, inspiring questions, and to draw brillant conclusions.“
Florian ZangerlFlorian Zangerl, CEO
„Alon both sees and nourishes the potential in people and their ideas. Working with him will not only kickstart your endeavor from day one, it will make you think bigger and help you get further.“
Michael Steiner, CIO and Partner
„We have been working with Alon for ten years now. Both his strategic vision and constructive challenging have been invaluable assets for every step of the way.“
Martin Drees, Co-Founder and CEO
„Alon’s business acumen and collaborative style of management along with his strong global network are awe-inspiring. He can surprise you with his perspicacity and leaves you in splits with an unexpected joke! Alon is simply one-of-a-kind, and we love working with him!“
Dr. Mukesh ParmarDr. Mukesh Parmar, CEO
„Since the first moment I began working with Alon, he has provided true inspiration based on his keen perception, forward- thinking insights, and his willingness to be vulnerable. He has helped me evolve to become a more complete and transparent leader which translates into cultivating potential from our team and our marketplace. In addition, Alon has a tremendous fun spirit which makes all interactions unique and never monotonous! “
Rob BindnerRob Bindner, CEO
„I have been working with Alon for more than 13 years and we have successfully built several companies together. He never fails to expand mindsets and possibilities. His input is invaluable!“
Felix RademacherFelix Rademacher, Co-Founder
„In Alon, I have found a truly inspirational leader, who leads by example. He has a 360 degree vision, with an openness to discuss matters beyond the "work things", but that could affect it. His entrepreneurial mindset is crucial, and has helped me as an entrepreneur to navigate through the entrepreneurial journey. “
Andres GalofreAndres Galofre, CEO


Ashoka identifies and supports the world's leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an "everyone a changemaker world."


The youth community for learning, life and career. supports private tutoring among students with the enhancement of particular talents, while also offering exciting workshops for the students to keep growing outside of school, too.

Sky Plastic

Sky Plastic is one of the leading European recycled plastic granulate solutions provider. At Sky Plastic Group we truly believe: all customers, all projects, all demands are unique. Therefore, we provide tailor-made recycled granulate solutions for you by giving plastic a second life to make the world a better place!


Enpulsion is the first company in the world to offer tailor-made propulsion systems for nano and micro satellites - with extremely low prices and short delivery times.


IN-VISION® is an approved Texas Instruments DLP® design house partner providing manufacturing and engineering services ranging from electronics and optics design to full system integration, prototyping and serial production. Nowadays, customers rely on our long-term expertise which we have expanded over many years to evolving technologies in areas such as 3D cinema optics, 3D metrology, lithography as well as medical and life science applications.


CUDOS provides funds and expertise to small- and medium sized companies in Central Europe. CUDOS was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and financial industry professionals to bring the best to our portfolio companies. Our investment team is supported by selected industry veterans to support our investment decisions.


The largest German online community for physicians.


Docplexus, with 300,000 users, is India’s largest doctor's platform. It empowers physicians to make better clinical decisions, network with peers and build their online reputation. It focuses on the peer-to-peer exchange of patient cases, dialogue and interdisciplinary learning to improve medical outcomes.


Verdeco gives plastic multiple lives by transforming PET flakes into high quality recycled PET pellets.


medflex is the next level of digital medical communication. We empower doctors for better medical outcomes.


Recently founded, DocRed strives to become Latin America's leading physicians online community. The platform's goal is to help doctors to make better decisions to improve patients’ quality of life.