The Secret Sauce of the “2% companies” – IMPRESSO #8

In this edition: The secret sauce of a “2% company”, Amazon’s hike in the Himalayas and a trip to China that might get you VC money.

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Santa isn’t the only one in the North. You’ll find your purpose there too

The only (good) reason to start your own business is to pursue your purpose. To follow “Your True North”.

by in July 3, 2018

Party? Better don’t invite the Neanderthals – IMPRESSO #7

In this edition: The times without a good WiFi connection are over soon, Neanderthals are probably not good party guests, and that a trip to the zoo can get you out of your echo chamber.

by in July 3, 2018

Portfolio company Enpulsion launched space propulsion systems factory

Enpulsion launched the world’s first factory for the production of electrical spacecraft propulsion systems.

by in June 11, 2018

Mr. AI-doctor will see you now – IMPRESSO #6

Find out why AI is your new doctor, VC’s and Millennials share a love for pets and how Amazon’s Bezos masters the perfect handstand.

by in May 16, 2018

Humanity’s energy dream is about to come true – IMPRESSO #5

Find out why computer brain cells are on steroids, MIT brings humanity closer to its goal of an inexhaustible energy source and the fancy garage kid meets a Silver Fox.

by in April 14, 2018

Asia is done being the copy cat – IMPRESSO #4

Find out why humans just got beaten by robots, Asia is done being a copy cat and what’s Japan’s new “Plan A”.

by in March 18, 2018

Rien ne vas plus for “China’s Steve Jobs” – IMPRESSO #3

Find out why E.T. is about to get company, why the good times for “China’s Steve Jobs” seem to be over and why a new MIT programme makes me particularly proud to be part of this university’s team!

by in February 18, 2018

Portfolio company Hello Stage wins classic music Award

HELLO STAGE is an independent online platform for the classical music community.

by in February 7, 2018

Portfolio company Khiron secures funding

Medical cannabis producer Khiron Life Sciences raises CSD 11,2 million ahead of going public.

by in January 19, 2018

Does Bitcoin need to say goodbye to China? – IMPRESSO #2

Find out why it’s time to say “bye, bye, China”!, House of Cards seems to be overrated and you’d better answer Superman’s call!

by in January 15, 2018

Portfolio company Enpulsion contributes tech to launched satellite

Enpulsion’s propulsion technology is the first Austrian contribution to a satellite that made it into space.

by in January 13, 2018

How to fight a Tsunami with a yoga mat – IMPRESSO #1

Find out how to fight a tsunami with a yoga mat from SAP, that Quantum Computing is just around the corner, and how robots are really like in Germany.

by in December 16, 2017

Stake in space-tech champion Enpulsion acquired

The Austrian space-tech startup champion Enpulsion is the latest addition to my portfolio.

by in December 2, 2017

Catalonian Escalation – in a war of Ego, the loser always wins

In the Catalonian escalation, it comes down to short-sighted, fainthearted and poor leadership.

by in October 29, 2017