DNA-Dropbox and game-changing UV light – IMPRESSO #40

In this IMPRESSO edition: Introducing the DNA-Dropbox, e-waste-free microbes, and truly game-changing UV light.

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AI-driven trees and revolutionising fluorescent lights – IMPRESSO #39

In this IMPRESSO: AI-driven trees, revolutionising fluorescent lights, and how to get to “I know how you feel”.

by in June 2, 2021

Body-hacking ultrasound and how to be your own charging station – IMPRESSO #38

In this IMPRESSO edition: Body-hacking ultrasound, how to be your own charging station, and filtering brains.

by in May 19, 2021

Water-saving sunlight and snowflake-paint 2.0 – IMPRESSO #37

In this IMPRESSO edition: Solving global crises with water-saving sunlight and snowflake-paint 2.0, and some mighty seconds for Houston.

by in April 29, 2021

Robotic dragonflies, plastic beer, and space jellyfish – IMPRESSO #36

In this IMPRESSO: Robotic dragonflies go for a swim, let’s eat plastic beer today, and meet some spooky space jellyfish.

by in April 8, 2021

Resilience. Rediscovered.

I always thought I’m resilient. But ‘are’ we resilient? Or do we just ‘wish’ we were? Here’s a personal story about how I lost, and then rediscovered (my) resilience.

by in March 4, 2021

Robots with superpowers and 3D printed brain tissue – IMPRESSO #35

In this IMPRESSO: Robots with superpowers, 3d-printed walking brains and life on Mars 2.0

by in March 3, 2021

Want to get stuff done? Get out of the way!

Whether you are involved in one or more companies, understanding your unique value to the organization is key to its success. Taking yourself a little less important is too 😉

by in November 17, 2020

Docplexus CEO voted one of Asia’s Top 25 Healthcare Tech CEOs

Great news: Docplexus CEO, Dr. Mukesh Parmar, was voted as one of India’s Top 25 CEOs!

by in November 16, 2020

Dust-busting on the Moon and a paper-based tablet – IMPRESSO #34

In this impresso: dust-busting on the Moon, paper-based tablets, and artificial skin mimicking our body’s sensory skills.

by in September 9, 2020

My Patience-Eureka moment

What’s triggering patience? Or impatience for that matter! Let me share my personal “Patience-Eureka” moment and how it changed my perspective.

by in August 27, 2020

Print yourself a house and self-healing polymers – IMPRESSO #33

In this IMPRESSO: print yourself a house, a selfie a day keeps the doctor away, and self-healing polymers.

by in August 25, 2020

Love your competition

Are you losing sleep over your competition? Are you afraid of them hurting your business? How about trying a different approach? Here are four reasons to love your competition.

by in August 13, 2020

Robotic Aquaman and bricks as power banks – IMPRESSO #32

In this edition: robotic Aquaman, bricks as power banks, and keepin’ it cool… without A/C!

by in August 13, 2020

The Renaissance of Profitability

Until a few months ago, it seemed like no one cared about profitability as long as a company was growing. But growth is not just cool and profitability is not optional. Profits are the key to any viable growth strategy.

by in July 30, 2020