Einstein-inspired bees and sweaty smartwatches – IMPRESSO #29

In this edition: sweaty smartwatches, Einstein-inspired bees, and how to turn into a “numbers-person”.


Sweaty smartwatches 

Do you have a smartwatch? I love mine! And no wonder that they call them “smart”! They have a lot of cool features for our everyday lives and track our heart rate, sleep quality, steps, calories burned, and so much more. Now, UCLA researchers have designed a novel adhesive film that attaches to the smartwatch and tracks our body chemistry on a molecular level! This innovation opens up a whole new range of possible applications in the medical area by potentially upgrading hundreds of millions of our wrist-darlings into biochemical monitoring powerhouses! Read more


How to turn into a “numbers-person”

Math really is polarizing: some people just see numbers and some see the pure beauty within it. I sure do! If you belong to the first group, Carnegie Mellon University’s new tool called “Penrose” might get you into the second camp. Penrose takes numbers and turns them into pictures! Say ‘bye” to the beloved excuse “sorry, but I’m not a numbers person...”! Read more


Einstein-inspired bees

Sticking with Math … Zoologists from the University of Cologne in Germany have found that bees are actually able to solve simple mathematical problems. They apparently have the cognitive ability to understand and perform numerosity estimation, aka “counting”. Now, the scientists have modeled these cognitive functions in a computational model and these insights will help neural networks of artificial intelligence to become significantly faster. Read more