Airplanes made from spider silk – IMPRESSO #18

In this edition: Airplanes made from spider silk, a biotech gamble with mutated mosquitoes and land-based coral farming to rescue our reefs

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Artificial photosynthesis for clean and storable energy – IMPRESSO #17

In this edition: artificial photosynthesis for clean and storable energy, squid genes extend your wardrobe’s lifetime and your brain predicts what you hear.

by in September 12, 2018

The Big Ocean Cleanup – IMPRESSO #16

In this edition: be part of the biggest ocean clean up, clay used to fight antibiotic resistance and groundbreaking research around artificial retinas

by in September 5, 2018

Crazy ceilings from 3D-printed sand – IMPRESSO #15

In this edition: crazy ceilings from 3D-printed sand, paper-based batteries powered by bacteria and fighting tuberculosis with your smartphone

by in August 29, 2018

Printing human tissue in space – IMPRESSO #14

In this edition: 3D-bio-printing in space, outsourcing empathy to a fluffy white seal robot and reviving the public bank in the US.

by in August 21, 2018

Go Jellyfish, go get our plastic waste! – IMPRESSO #13

In this edition: Jellyfish go get our plastic waste, blockchain gives democracy a new spin and nanowires playing a violine concerto

by in August 14, 2018

Blockchain checks if you’re Thomas Edison 2.0 – IMPRESSO #12

In this edition: Blockchain checks the innovation level of your idea, food tastes better with an electrode-zap and the best multi-tasker is your mind

by in August 8, 2018

Pivot like the worms do – IMPRESSO #11

In this edition: worms performing mathematical calculations, humans closer to becoming a multi-planetary species and the prevention of toxic online conversations

by in August 1, 2018

Get ready to moonwalk for helium – IMPRESSO #10

In this edition: Moonwalking for helium-3, Rolls-Royce trains cockroaches and thinking big(ger) with microequity

by in July 25, 2018

Robots teach you how to smile – IMPRESSO #9

In this edition: the different approach of US and European startups, robots that teach you how to smile and it may be time so say goodbye to your office desk.

by in July 17, 2018

The Secret Sauce of the “2% companies” – IMPRESSO #8

In this edition: The secret sauce of a “2% company”, Amazon’s hike in the Himalayas and a trip to China that might get you VC money.

by in July 11, 2018

Party? Better don’t invite the Neanderthals – IMPRESSO #7

In this edition: The times without a good WiFi connection are over soon, Neanderthals are probably not good party guests, and that a trip to the zoo can get you out of your echo chamber.

by in July 3, 2018

Mr. AI-doctor will see you now – IMPRESSO #6

Find out why AI is your new doctor, VC’s and Millennials share a love for pets and how Amazon’s Bezos masters the perfect handstand.

by in May 16, 2018

Humanity’s energy dream is about to come true – IMPRESSO #5

Find out why computer brain cells are on steroids, MIT brings humanity closer to its goal of an inexhaustible energy source and the fancy garage kid meets a Silver Fox.

by in April 14, 2018

Asia is done being the copy cat – IMPRESSO #4

Find out why humans just got beaten by robots, Asia is done being a copy cat and what’s Japan’s new “Plan A”.

by in March 18, 2018