The Big Ocean Cleanup – IMPRESSO #16

In this edition: be part of the biggest ocean clean up, clay used to fight antibiotic resistance and groundbreaking research around artificial retinas


The Big Ocean Cleanup – live!

Solving the plastic waste problem in our oceans is very dear to my heart! We’re therefore super-excited to draw your attention to an exciting initiative: the The Ocean Cleanup project. This largest cleanup in history, championed by inspiring 24 year old entrepreneur Bojan Slat, will start in less than 3 days! And you can watch it live on September 8th. The project tackles what’s known as the “Pacific Garbage Patch” – the largest accumulation zone of plastic waste in the world. Twice the size of Texas (!) and containing the unbelievable amount of 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic!!! Watch the project’s intro Video here (1:10 mins) and get the detailed story Video here (7:28 mins)


Clay against antibiotic resistance

Clay is primarily known for being turned into pottery but there could be a true “revival” of this material soon – in medicine! Oregon blue clay is what researches from the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University consider as the potential antidote to the problem of antibiotic resistance, which was declared a global crisis by the UN in 2016. This particular clay has the ability to eliminate hard-to-kill-bacteria and could therefore be a way to make antibiotics work again and hence, save thousands of lives. Read more


Artificial retinas

The job of our retina is to make us see and without a functional one, there’s no eye-sight. Researchers from the University of Texas and Seoul National University have developed a combination of i.a. graphene, aluminium, gold and silicon nitrate to create artificial retinas. This brilliant innovation is still in its early days. The research however is groundbreaking and may create the opportunity to make millions of people see (again)! Read more