Go Jellyfish, go get our plastic waste! – IMPRESSO #13

In this edition: Jellyfish go get our plastic waste, blockchain gives democracy a new spin and nanowires playing a violine concerto


Go Jellyfish, go get our plastic waste!

The plastic waste problem we face is gigantic. In the past six decades we caused a staggering 6 billion tons of plastic waste, only 9% of which have been recycled so far. The majority of our plastic waste ends up in our oceans with devastating long term consequences. While individual as well as corporate awareness is increasing and projects such as Marriott’s abolishing plastic straws become the norm, an Israeli scientists team works on a potential solution with Jellyfish playing a major role. In a project named “Go Jelly”, the team tries to figure out whether Jellyfish could actually willingly ingest plastic. Read more


Blockchain gives democracy a new spin

Blockchain is on everyone’s lips and is now also entering the voting booth. As the first state, West Virginia is about to implement a new voting system – based on blockchain! For the time being, the plan is to give soldiers serving time abroad the opportunity to vote via their smartphones. This will make those soldiers the first U.S. citizens able to cast their vote on the go and may be the first step of a new era of how we vote in the future. Read more


Never forget your AirPods again

They are small and they have the ability to shut our busy world out for a few minutes: earphones. Many thought AirPods are as small as they can get. Researchers from South Korea just proved them wrong and simultaneously gave the term “wearables” a new perspective. They made a loudspeaker so tiny, that it can be applied to your skin! They turned silver nanowires into a nano-membrane, attached it to human skin and then used it to play a violine concerto. Read more