Surgeons practice on your 3D printed organs – IMPRESSO #21

In this edition: Surgeons practise on your 3D printed organs, AR smart glasses make hearing impaired love theatre again and waste that lets you fly high.


Surgeons practice on your 3D printed organs

Personalised precision medicine is on the rise. And 3D printing brings a lot of revolutionary potential to a variety of industries. Here’s a very special use case combining both trends: the North Shore University Hospital in New York installed a small-sized factory full of 3D printers. They’ll print a patient body part before going into surgery. This way, the doctor can practice on your fake body parts first. This “training session” is considered a true game changer as the improved visualisation (of an e.g. tumor) allows for increased precision and does not only decrease surgery time but also leads to better outcomes. Read more


AR smart glasses make hearing impaired love theatre again

The National Theater in London is a forerunner when it comes to inclusiveness of the hearing impaired – and a true pioneer of adopting new technologies. Now, the Theater offers Augmented Reality smart glasses and the opportunity for customers with hearing issues to enjoy their theatre evening again. Instead of simply showing the subtitles on big screens on each side of the stage (distracting!), one can now get the real-time subtitles displayed on the AR glasses, and keep their eyes on the stage. A great example of innovation done right! Read more


Waste that lets you fly high

A few days ago, passengers on a flight from Orlando to London witnessed a very special moment in the history of aviation: They flew with the first commercial airplane that was powered with waste! Its biofuel is based on an innovative form of jet fuel made from recycling waste carbon gases. And it’s not only a historic moment for the aviation company Virgin but also a huge step towards energy and emission reductions. Not only for the aviation industry. This fuel is supposed to deliver 70% lifecycle carbon savings compared to traditional jet fuel. Read more