Robots teach you how to smile – IMPRESSO #9

In this edition: the different approach of US and European startups, robots that teach you how to smile and it may be time so say goodbye to your office desk.


Robots teach you how to smile

Recognising someone’s current state of emotion can be a challenge and for a child with autism it’s hard in particular. Researchers from MIT have developed a kid-friendly roboter with personalized deep learning features that teaches and trains emotions based on a kid’s reaction, enabling the kid imitating and responding to the shown emotion accordingly. This innovation does not only help autistic children to improve their social habits but may have a positive, wide-reaching impact on other therapy methods too. Read more


Why US startups are ahead of Europe’s

Why does it seem that Europe’s startups are always lagging compared to US ones? While Europeans build their startups with the “small is beautiful” mindset, promoting more of a local and incremental growth approach, their entrepreneurial counterparts from the US build their companies with the “born global” mindset: Go big, be bold and don’t stay home! Also: Europeans often seem to fear their competitors while US entrepreneurs actively talk to them and there are different approaches regarding employee stock options too. By rethinking these issues, European startups can catch up and counterbalance the US startup dominance. Read more


Is this the goodbye to your office desk?

Fixed office locations may be a thing of the past in the not so distant future and the phenomenon of people spending their working hours at coffee houses was only the beginning. The latest trend? Turning high-end restaurants into co-working spaces before they welcome their dining guests in the evening. While the co-working guys with the laptops love the idea to use the bar as a standing desk, restaurants love it for the sake of rental payment and being able to keep creating jobs. This is not only a win-win solution for both parties but yet another trend in the whole approach of where we work in the future: Everywhere we like. Read more